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SSR Motorsports is all about providing powersports products that are not only fun to ride, but offer cutting edge design and superior engineering. They make every effort to provide tremendous value without sacrificing quality in every product we sell. They believe every enthusiast should be able to afford a brand new powersport product and have the peace of mind knowing that it is backed by a manufacturer warranty, comprehensive dealer network, and a west coast distribution center stocked with readily available replacement parts. SSR Motorsports was established in 2002 to import and distribute powersports products. They began by focusing on small off-road motorcycles known as pit bikes, and as the business grew, motorcycles and UTV's were added to our off-road selection.

Brookville Motorsports is proud to sell these high quality, reliable, and fun to ride Pit bikes for youth as well as some larger adult suited models, and motorcycles- all at an unbeatable price and selection. SSR Pit Bikes feature many models not only in engine size, but with manual transmissions, semi-automatic (manual shift, automatic clutch), and fully automatic transmissions- some even with electric starting. So, choose your engine size and/or transmission preference and stop by soon to see our in-stock selection. If we don't have one in stock, we can get them in short order. The SSR motorcycles are our latest additions to the quality SSR brand of machines. They come with the latest features, with a great reliability record, and at prices that are far lower than the competition.

Pit Bikes

ElectricSSR SRZ800
SRZ 800
50ccSSR SX 50-A
SX 50-A
70ccSSR 70C Semi
SR 70C
SR70 Auto
SR 70 Auto
SR 110 
SR 110 Semi
SR 110 Semi 
SR 110 DX
SR 110 DX 
SR 110 TR
SR 110 TR 
125ccSR 125
SR 125 
SR 125 Semi
SR 125 Semi 
SR 125 Auto
SR 125 Auto 
SR 125 TR
SR 125 TR 
140ccSR 140 TR
SR 140 TR 
160ccSR 160 TR
SR 160 TR 
SR 160 TX
SR 160 TX 
170ccSSR SR 170TR
SR 170 TR
SR 170 TX
SR 170 TX  
SRU 170 RS 
150cc SSR SR 150 white
SR 150
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189cc SSR SR 189 blue
SR 189 
250cc SSR XF 250
XF250 Dual Sport/Enduro 
SSR SR 250S Blue
SR 250S
450cc SSR SR 450S White
SR 450S 

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